Mos Ersatzbank | Rogues unite! – FeWC Group B
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Rogues unite! – FeWC Group B

World Champion Mosaad ‘Msdossary’ Aldosary is placed in Group B. His throne is not only scratched by some rumours, but also by some players. All players in the top three, both on Xbox and PS4, have already won titles this season, making clear that they are ready to be World Champion. He will be supported by the 2017 World Champion, Spencer ‘Gorilla’ Ealing. The Englishman will coach Msdossary throughout the tournament. However, Msdossary’s consistency means that he remains a player who is likely to stay at least until the third day of the tournament. He is one of the big favourites at the FIFA eWorld Cup anyway.

Lucas ‘DaXe’ Cuillerier is one of three Frenchmen at the World Cup. The victory in the eNations Cup brought him many points, which made him climb up the world rankings. The competition was controversial among the professionals, as only two players per nation were allowed to compete and only 20 nations received an invitation to the tournament. The French national team finally prevailed – and put 1,500 points for the ranking on the account of DaXe. Without them, he would only be in sixth place. That doesn’t change the fact that DaXe is a good player who could also run his machines at the FeWC.

Rogues unite!

Niklas ‘NRaseck’ Raseck always outplays his opponents, but can’t keep up his performance until the big final. You can always count on him. When he represented VfL Bochum last year and was intended as successor for Michael ‘MegaBit’ Bittner, the cooperation with Bochum ended already after one and a half months. Meanwhile, Raseck plays for Rogue – and with Msdossary and Nawid ‘GoalMachine’ Noorzai has two very strong teammates, who are in the same group as him. Raseck is very similar to MegaBit: a consistently strong player who has had some successes, but almost always lacks a few percentage points just before the end. From a German point of view, however, he’s a pretty save candidate for the knockout phase.

The Canadian Nawid ‘GoalMachine’ Noorzai weakened in the playoffs and was already eliminated in the group phase. Alongside Msdossary and NRaseck, he is the third rogue in the tournament. His biggest triumph this season was his victory in the eLeague FIFA 19 Cup. Nevertheless, throughout the season he collected his points to ignite his attacking fireworks at the World Cup. For him, it can get quite extreme in both directions, depending on his daily form.

The German Champion

A german champion comes to London: Dylan ‘DullenMIKE’ Neuhausen was the only German in this season to win a tournament. With a lot of self-confidence, the only 17-year-old moves on to the FIFA eWorld Cup. In his first season the talent impressed all with his qualifications for the first tournaments of the season. His team was clearly weaker than the ones of his opponents. #NoIconsNeeded “I already see myself as a favourite, especially because I have performed well in every tournament I have played so far and everyone has the chance to win at the World Cup,” DullenMIKE explains in advance. Nevertheless: “The excitement is great of course, especially because I know that many players have not yet had a single World Cup and I was able to qualify in my first season”. Shortly before the World Cup, DullenMIKE will also switch to VfL Wolfsburg, which he will also represent at the FeWC.

From the end of the world Marcus ‘MarcusGomes’ Gomes travels to the FeWC. The player from Melbourne City performed well throughout the season and managed his second qualification for the World Cup after 2017. The Australian is not an outsider at the World Cup, but will still have to fight. The quality of the competition has never been better due to the newly introduced world rankings.

Spain only provides one player

Fouad ‘Rafsou’ Fares plays emotionally in an extraordinary league, as he proved at the playoffs in Hamburg. He also has a lot of tournament experience. Rafsou is not one of the favourites in London, but will play a solid tournament. Anything is possible if he gets off to a good start. In order to get into big problems in the group phase, a lot would have to happen.

He has to hold up the Spanish flag all by himself: Kilian Pita ‘Zidane10’ Ossorio. He played in the Spanish league for UD Las Palmas and reached the final there. It wasn’t enough for the title, but everything is open for him at the FeWC. He could shine a few times, but on the big stage he still lacks the attention. His chances at the FeWC are rather bad, especially as the group is very strong.