Mos Ersatzbank | Group of Tekkz – FeWC Group A
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Group of Tekkz – FeWC Group A

Picture: FIFA

The group is led by the player who has delivered an almost unique season. Donovan ‘F2Tekkz’ Hunt from England is one of the three top favourites for the tournament. With 13,265 points, he collected almost twice as many points as one of his biggest rivals, Mosaad ‘MSDosary’ Aldossary (second place in the world, Xbox). For the 18-year-old, the title seems to be an absolute necessity – after all, he expressed himself very self-confidently about his own dominance: “I’m the king […] because x2 your points and you’re still looking up to me.” If he crowns himself as world champion, he also ennobles an outstanding season.

The German representation in Group A is Michael ‘MegaBit’ Bittner. As last year, the Werder Bremen player is regarded as the German player with the greatest title ambitions. His problem seems to be the final phase of the tournament, in which he has so far mostly failed on the international stage. Unlike in 2018, MegaBit did not win the playoffs this time and thus underpinned his status, this time he will have to show a better performance in London. In any case, he can make himself a present: once again, the final day is the same day as his birthday.

Playoff winners among the favourites

Tom ‘Rebel Stokes’ Stokes got his role as a favourite at the Xbox playoffs in Hamburg. With an impressive offensive Stokes secured the last points for the world rankings and can compete with confidence at the FeWC. “Sure I’m one of the favourites in my opinion, being the winner of the last event I am sure there will be people who don’t want to play me now and maybe will take me more seriously”, says Stokes about his role at the FeWC. He is relaxed about the high quality of his opponents. “I know a lot of these guys very well and they’re obviously very good players. We will see plenty of surprises in terms of who exits the groups, because it is so wide open. I’m always confident in my ability to win,” says Stokes before the tournament.

Last year Mesut Özil was ambassador of the FIFA 18 World Cup. At the same time, he announced his own esports team. One of his players, Pedro ‘Resende’ Resende, has now qualified for the next edition of the tournament. The Brazilian is one of the strongest players from South America, but not among the favourites at the FeWC.

Once again in the final

Like last year Dani ‘Ajax Dani’ Hagebeuk will be competing at the FeWC. The Dutchman is best known for his shots, which he scores from all angles and positions. However, the current gameplay obviously caused him difficulties in the playoffs, where he was eliminated 2-4 in the group stage. It is clear to him what needs to be better at the FeWC: “Concentration and preparation. Most of my games were really close and I think that was the five per cent focus I missed, because I already qualified for the FEWC.” Dani, who is already well established in the FIFA scene, is also a very emotional player. For him, the World Cup can go both ways. At the end of the group stage he sees Tekkz at the top: “He will be on top after the group stage for sure, too good”.

Another South American at the FeWC is Javier ‘Janoz’ Munoz from Colombia. He is not the favourite in the tournament, but has shown several times that he can keep up with the elite. He defied the difficulties of qualifying for the FeWC from Colombia and now has the chance to become world champion for the third time. He had already reached the final in 2011, but lost there to the Portuguese Francisco Cruz 1:4. Janoz can win the thing, if he really grinds into.

Banned but made it to the FeWC

Tassal ‘Tass’ Rushan is back again. After a suspension the Englishman nevertheless made it into the playoffs and collected enough points to qualify for the World Championship with his 13th place. He describes his third participation in the FIFA World Cup as “favourite achievement […] so far”. Tass is one of the most experienced players on an international level, but is not yet at the level to really shake the current big boys of FIFA esports.

Group A is rounded off by the Brazilian Ébio ‘Ebinho’ Bernardes. For him, the play-offs had a high tension until the semi-finals, although he had already been eliminated from the tournament. The failure of his landman Vini ‘NSE Vini’ Leiva against Stokes secured his 16th place in the world rankings. He is more likely to surprise than being best player at the FeWC, but nobody should be left out. The decisive factor at the FeWC is the form on that particular day.

All groups and all participants at the FeWC 2019 in London.