Mos Ersatzbank | Group of Surprise – FeWC Group D
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Group of Surprise – FeWC Group D

Picture: FIFA

Corentin ‘Maestro’ Thuillier is one of the best players on Playstation. The Frenchman won the eNations Cup, which is why he qualified for the FIFA eWorld Cup with the second place in the world rankings. Maestro won the PS4 title at the sixth FUT Champions Cup in London this season, it was not enough for the overall victory in the Cross Console Final. The Frenchman has the quality it takes to win titles and will also be one of the players to keep an eye on at the FeWC. A strong performance can be expected from him.

Last year’s runner-up Stefano ‘Pinna97’ Pinna is the only Belgian in the tournament. In the middle of the season Pinna took a break because the amount of FIFA in his life became too big. Nevertheless, the PS4 World Champion, who only lost to Mosaad ‘Msdossary’ Aldossary at last year’s FeWC, remains one of the strongest players on the console. Currently Pinna is a free agent, before that he played for PSV Eindhoven. At the World Cup he can advertise himself with a strong performance.

The Americans at the FeWC

Joksan ‘Joksan’ Redona made a name for himself this season with the Continental Cup trophy in Paris. His start into the season was great, he collected his points by playing very consistently. FIFA 19 seems to suit the American, which is why he can also be good at the FIFA eWorld Cup. He’s not at the top in the high quality field, but it should still be easy for him to reach the knockout stage.

Chris ‘Didychrislito’ Holly travels to London as the first winner of the newly introduced eChampions League. The American has often qualified for tournaments, but only managed to win one of them this season. Legendary is one of his loud complains about the state of the gameplay, which was documented on Twitter. The expectations towards him are rather moderate.

Secret favourite from Brazil

In the playoffs Flavio Almeida ‘Fifilza’ Brito played strongly. The Brazilian was beaten by Nicolas ‘nicolas99fc’ Villalba in the South American semi-final, but lost by only one goal (0:1). This match shows the quality of Fifilza. It’s impressive to concede just one goal against the best Playstation player in 180 minutes. The 10th place in the world will come a long way at the FeWC if he manages to recall his performance. He has the quality to do so.

Besides Diogo ‘tuga’ Pombo, Gonçalo ‘RastaArtur’ Pinto is the second Portuguese at the FeWC. In the fourth group he can be seen as an outsider. Unlike tuga, RastaArtur attracted less attention internationally. He has already won the national championship five times. It must be said that the density of strong players in Portugal is rather low, as the world rankings show (only four Portuguese players in the top 64 on both consoles). RastaArtur can only surprise at the FeWC.

Former German champion with some luck

Henrique ‘Zezinho’ Lempke represents Team Gullit at the FeWC. The 19-year-old has been appearing regularly at tournaments since last season. Like all Team Gullit players so far, he hasn’t yet succeeded in making the really big throw. That’s why the World Cup is an opportunity for him to show his talent in the most important competition of the year. However, it’s hard to believe that he will make it through when it comes to his opponents. A candidate for the midfield of the group stage!

With a little luck Tim ‘TheStrxngeR’ Katnawatos from FC Basel made it to the world championship. In the months before the World Cup he had to struggle with fluctuations in his performance and did not show his real potential in the playoffs either. Due to his strong first half of the season, TheStrxngeR just managed to make it to the FeWC. There he will have to show that you can count on the former German champion.